A Raven In Spring

2014, Finland, Postcards - Recv'd, Stamps

From Helsinki, Finland came a raven perched upon a limb of a colorfully back-lit tree. My postcard sender stated her love of the short warm summers of her land that gave way to magical nights of filled with the perfume of native flowers. Sometimes, a stranger seems to just knows you as if you were a long-lost friend…




*The stamp was warm, lovely, and made me think of delicious apple cider!

Rocks From Karnataka, India

2013, Postcards - Recv'd

Some people write small life stories on the back of simply designed picturesque postcards, others just write your address. Well, this card was basically signed “With warm greetings from India” in quite lovely script. Featuring the Syntheri rocks, a massive limestone rock formation in India, it appeals greatly to my inner rock (as in stone) collector.

Karnataka India

Down by the river…

2013, China, Postcards - Recv'd, Stamps

From the beautiful Hangzhou, China, I received a view of a pagoda style building beside a gentle rippling river. In the foreground, branches of cherry blossoms that I can just… almost.. smell… A side note: I am very impressed by how well my Chinese sender writes my language’s characters – her penmanship is exquisite!!

china building river bridge

Oh, and this card came with FIVE stamps -each quite different! Yeah!

china bird charm 40 80

china congress 50 building 20  china bird 280


Bon Temps Roulette! From France…

2013, France, Postcards - Recv'd, Stamps

A super-fun postcard from France arrived and with it, Le Moulin Rouge!! One of these amazing sites that have been in uncountable movies, it is a pleasure to have a postcard from the actual place.  Again, I am lucking out as the stamps are colorful and one features a stunning breed of horse. See, I am traveling all over (vicariously)!

La Moulin Rouge, France.

La Moulin Rouge, France.

French Stamps

“My first postcard arrived!” – So said me.

2013, Malaysia, Postcards - Recv'd

This May, approximately one month after I sent out my first six postcards to random people around the world, I received my first card. Though I wasn’t expecting anything flashy or special, a hotel postcard was perfect – random, a little strange, and… landscaping? Well, I knew it would be at least interesting to see what others found to send.

From Singapore

From Malaysia : )